A little time on our hands…

Had a bit of time to do some writing recently, here’s my latest blog post... hope you like it ☺️

Well life as we know it most certainly has changed rather a lot in the last month. Lockdown for Event Riders.... we are not known for sitting around doing nothing, that’s for sure - it’s beyond strange not having a mission and a goal. Normally every week we have a showjumping show or an Event or even both that we have planned, often competing 2-4 days of the week. The other days are spent schooling and preparing for those shows, everyday chasing your tail for enough hours to fit it all in! So, having absolutely nothing planned and a whole yard of very fit event horses and also 4 Showjumpers ready to go is, let’s just say, not the norm!!

So this is what we’ve done so far! Spike (Arctic Soul) was so fit and not far off being ready for Badminton, I had prepared him early so I could back off a little nearer Badminton to let his body recover as he is now 17, he was preparing for his 7th Badminton in a row - what a horse! - he has had a little week in the field, and is now going to come in 3/4 times a week and have a hack and a light school just to keep him ticking over. Kizzy (Santiago Bay), also ready for Badminton (after her 7th at Burghley we were excited to see what she could do!) has been let down and has gone home to her owners and the same thing with her, she will be hacked/lunged a few times per week. Most of the other horses are being ridden every other day and having turn out on the day in between.

We do not have enough turn out to just turn all our horses out, so careful exercise is essential for their well-being. We have five 5yos and they have all been turned out, after a rather long wet winter in, we thought it would be nice for the young horses to have some time in the field.

In the mean time some jobs are being done! I have sorted through all my wardrobes and actually folded or hung every single item of clothing Gary and I own!! Anyone who know me knows this is a very big deal! 🤣.

I write jobs lists for the girls!
I take hours over riding 4/5 horses
I spend hours over mucking out our beautiful foal, making sure his and his mummy’s bed is perfect and immaculate!!
We have watched TV!
We have slept.
Gary and Joe (Charlotte’s boyfriend) have been building jumps, very useful!
I will continue to try to think of jobs and things to do.

Last week I did a proper dressage competition for my team. We laid out the arena and I made them learn the new FEI 1* test. They had to bathe their horses and wear show gear. Chris Stone and I both judged and we had a proper prize giving. It was really fun and I actually learnt lots about judging and what judges see as well as the girls learning so so much. All videoed and proper dressage sheets written for them.

I cannot wait for you to all see what’s in store with the Virtual Eventing. So much work and thought has gone into it and we all hope everyone gets behind us and supports this amazing idea and donates to this brilliant cause (the NHS). It’s all very light hearted, safe and there will be a lot of laughs! Huge shout out to Rachel Wakefield of Uptown Eventing for coming up with it all. Please tune in for some serious entertainment! 6th - 10th May https://www.virtualeventing.com 


We do think ourselves incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to be outside and look after our beautiful horses and be with our doggies. I think of those less fortunate and it makes me appreciate
what we have.

We as a team are practising all the necessary precautions, none of us are going home to see any family or friends, we only go out to get essentials, we have god knows how much hand sanitizer, Dettol around the yard and a foot wash, as well as social distancing with anyone that comes in - for example the vet or farrier.

All of TeamTatt wish everyone well, let’s get through this by supporting our government, each other and get out the other side ready to go.

Remember to talk and keep in touch with all your family and friends and most importantly STAY AT HOME.