Autumn round up

Sitting here in Florida, on a beautiful beach after a week here with the most wonderful friends and my lovely man, teaching and having some down time at the parks and our friends’ lovely farm; it’s given me a little time to reflect on TeamTatts season. It’s been a bit of a tough one - good at times and pretty hard at other times.

I’d better tell you about Lignieres and Pau! Lignieres was a fantastic event for us, Jalapeño WON the Event Rider Masters with an absolute brilliant performance in all 3 phases, we really had done our homework with her and it paid off. I had taken her XC schooling, and we had done lots of exercises at home to improve her adjustability and strength. I was unbelievably chuffed with this result, having Micheal Jung 2nd to me on the podium was a nice little touch! Chilli Knight was in the normal 4 star Short section and again produced a brilliant performance to finish 4th, the lightest touch in the SJ cost him the win, but so happy with him. I felt with these two horses they were ready for their first 5 star in Pau so off we went!

It certainly wasn’t the end of the season we were hoping for. They both produced very good tests for where they are in their training: Chilli Knight then flew around the XC and, apart from one of the most upsetting run outs I’ve ever had (he’s never had a xc fault in his whole life) he gave me a brilliant ride for just 9 years old. Jalapeño was also fab and in our eyes jumped clear, but a huge jump into one of the waters meant I had to wiggle to get to the middle part and crossed my tracks. I tried so hard not to, but the ground jury decided I did. Neither horse were quite right on Sunday so I decided to withdraw both of them. Honestly absolutely gutted, but there is always worse and both horses will recover and return to competition after some TLC.

We all know that injuries to horses are probably the worst part of our sport and we have had plenty of those this season. I guess I have been lucky so far in my career, but this year is certainly an exception. I have changed absolutely nothing in what I do and all the injuries have been slightly different. We must all learn from it and move on in a positive way and our horses are being treated like the kings and queens that they are with so much TLC and love.

Next year will be a year for producing some lovely young horses and hopefully have 1 or 2 for Badminton which will be very exciting but we will see. I will also be going on the showjumping sunshine tour for 4 weeks to work on the jumping with some of our lovely young showjumpers and event horses.

I’m so so grateful to all my amazing loyal owners, sponsors, and staff, my family and my loyal boyfriend who offer me so much support and without all of these people I wouldn’t be doing any of this.

It’s over an out from this season. Some time off now for us, a trip of a lifetime set up and then back to some serious training when we return.


Gem xx