Badminton 2016!

Wow that was the most incredible week of my life! Arctic Soul just totally exceeded all my expectations and wildest dreams and finished on his PB dressage score to come 3rd at the worlds premier event.

His dressage test was his calmest and best to date, he tried so hard and I was so proud of him. The feeling round the xc was just of utter delight, he gallops and jumps for fun round these massive 4 star tracks and just seems to do it so easily, then to come out in such a huge atmosphere and leave all those coloured poles in place on the final day was the most phenomenal feeling. What a horse!

It was incredible to be at the press conference sitting next to Micheal Jung and Andreas Olstholt - next time let's hope I can be sitting in the middle!!

To say I'm proud of that gorgeous slightly crazy ex racehorse would be an understatement, he has achieved so much.

Thank you so much to my team, couldn't do it without any of you. 😘

Gem X