Being an Owner

My owners.  Without them, it would be impossible to do what I do, so I would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of them:

Chris and Lisa Stone

Owners of Tattleton Stud in West Sussex, where Gemma has been based since 2009.  Principals of the Event Rider Masters series, and driving force behind the ‘Chilli babies’ breeding programme, which is the offspring of Chilli Morning, the stallion previously ridden by William Fox-Pitt.  Many of the Chilli babies are starting to compete successfully, including Chilli’s Gem (Roo) and Chilli Knight (Alfie), ridden by Gemma. Chris and Lisa also own some of Gemma’s top horses.

Caroline Teltsch

Owner of Santiago Bay (Kizzy), Caroline has previously mainly focused on show-jumping, but found Gemma in 2014, and has become a key member of Team Tatt.

Sue and Tony Johnstone

Two of Gemma’s longest standing owners, a big part of Team Tatt and biggest fans!  Sue always brings delicious food with her, whether visiting the yard, or coming to events, so the team are always VERY pleased to see her!

Charlotte Huggett and Martin Bell

Charlotte and Martin are good friends with Tony and Sue and have become key members of Team Tatt.  Charlotte is a keen photographer, and often sends us great action shots of the horses performing.

Shirley and Martin Reed

Shirley and Martin own Brass Farthing (Matilda) who they bred, and are members of the Senora syndicate (who own Billy Senora).  Martin can often be seen at events, perched on his shooting stick, and Shirley brings wonderful picnics to the events.  They always bring laughter, with their great senses of humour, often coming to training sessions at Tattleton. 

Ann Black

Ann has been a loyal owner over the years, she bred and owns Chillonair, who is my Chilli Morning and out of Billy on Air. Billy on Air was competed by Gemma and now ridden by one of the girls, Becky. Previously Anna was a member of the Pebbles syndicate, and came to Rio to watch ‘the Princess pony’.  She was a huge support through the whole Olympic period, and especially in Rio itself.

Sue and Nigel Harris

Sue and Nigel own Tillingbourne (Tim), and are avid supporters, appearing at every event that Tim does, and providing lots of enthusiastic support.

Linda Allan and Peter Hiscock

Linda saw an article in Horse & Hound about the Soul Syndicate, and is now a key member of that syndicate (Peter bought her an extra share for Christmas too), as well as part owning Facari MG.  Linda also appears at the yard to watch training sessions, and is a very enthusiastic supporter.  Peter is an excellent source of champagne when Gemma has a big result!

Sarah Gibbs

A member of the Soul Syndicate, Sarah comes to the events to watch Spike, always accompanied by her Jack Russell Molly, and providing very enthusiastic support.

Becky Harris

Becky is new to team Tatt in 2016, having bought in to the Senora syndicate.  She has already offered huge support, for example having horses in her fields when they are on holiday, and often comes to watch training sessions at Tattleton.

Clare and Tony Chapman

Clare is cousin to Gemma’s Dad Chris, and she and her husband Tony are massive fans of Gemma.  They bought into the Soul syndicate (owners of Spike), and are always very keen to hear news.

Micheline Young

‘Miche’ is a very old friend of Marcelle, Gemma’s Mum, and has bought into the Senora syndicate in 2016.  Miche often travels with Marcelle and Gemma in the truck, and is particularly useful on French trips, partly as she speaks French, and partly because she is brilliant at the autoroute tollbooths(!!)

Pamela Smith (Grandma)

Pamela is Gemma’s Grandma (Marcelle’s Mum), and has supported Gemma through her life, and of course her career.  Pamela bought into the Senora syndicate in 2016, and is often brought to big events by Gemma’s Dad Chris, who of course refers to Pamela as ‘Mother-in-Law’.

Lexi and Jonathan Hambro

Joined us in April 2017, they bought into the lovely Billy Senora (Nora) and since then has bought half of the beautiful Facari MG (Milli). We already value their support and they have become an important part of team Tatt. Excited for their horses future. 

Marcelle Tattersall

Mummy Tatt has been a supportive owner to Gemma over the years, including with being part of several of the syndicates and now excitingly is part of the Pebbles syndicate. Marcelle is looking forward the coming season as part owner of ‘Princess Pebbles’.


Become an Owner

Gemma is always looking for new members to join Team Tattersall whether it is as an outright owner or as part of a syndicate. She would be happy to take on horses you already own or to help you search for a future star.

Whether it is producing a young horse through the grades or competing at the highest level, Gemma and her Team can provide the service you need and offer the highest possible standard of care and training for your horse.

To become a part of Team Tattersall or for more information on ownership options please get in touch.