Blair ERM

Blair Castle ERM

After getting back from Rio, we travelled Santiago Bay (Kizzy) up to Blair Castle for the ERM, my boyfriend Matthew Heath took 3 up and luckily had a space for Kizzy. I was lucky and flew up so I could spend a bit of time at home!

Kizzy was a little 'hot' in the dressage this time but I was still not disappointed in her performance at this level - she is very young and  only just learning the moves!! She then went on to jump the most incredible double clear and ended up with a podium finish in 3rd. She really is so amazing to ride xc. What a privilege to ride such a talented young horse. Glad it was worth the trip!

Looking forward to the final of the ERM series at Blenheim palace, I plan to ride Chico Bella.

Gem 🐴