Blenheim ERM

Blenheim Palace ERM final.

There was a lot of hype over the final, I was favourite to win and felt confident on the most wonderful gifted horse Chico Bella. Unfortunately it really just was not meant to be in any way! It poured with rain and was rather muddy for the dressage, Bella went beautifully but not with quite the 'float' she would normally have. We had a bit to make up! One down SJ was the first rail she's had down for a VERY long time, I put it behind us and set off to give it our best shot xc, it was not meant to be and we had a run out! A very expensive one! I pulled her up as this is so unlike her. There is always another day in our sport, but this one was tough to take.

They certainly do keep us on our toes and down to earth! Bella will be getting checked out too.

Onwards and upwards!

Gem 😬