Team Tatt

Support Team

I could not do what I do today without the help of quite a few people. All these people are incredibly important to me and I want them to know that whenever we have success, I might be the one piloting the horse around but without their backing and support , it would just not be possible.

A great big thank you from me to everyone!

2014-09-13 12.57.22 (2)Mummy Tatt

I am not really sure I can quite sum up in a paragraph what she does for me, and what she means to me, but here goes: She drives the truck, cooks, cleans and washes.  She is my principal groom and walks courses with me.  On top of all that, she runs a livery yard and trains young horses.  I don’t know how she does it all, it makes me feel tired just thinking about it!  She owns shares in some of my horses, has always been my No.1 fan, and is my chief advisor, my best friend, and I love her to bits. She is quite frankly a legend!!!

At the end of 2016 she was delighted to hear that the judges for the Haddon Training British Grooms Awards had given her one of their annual awards – recognising not only her recent role as my principal competition groom but also her many other contributions to Eventing over the years.


Elodie Frost

Often referred to as ‘Lods’ and known for asking “is it lunch time yet?”  Previously my Yard manager and travelling groom she is now officially my PA and definitely ‘She who must be obeyed’. She does organising, entries, admin, PR, accounts……pretty much anything you can think of…..when not doing any of these she can be found feeding polos to her beloved Spike & Austin (The Prince’s of Tattleton)



Charlotte O

Charlotte Overton

Charlotte has been around Team Tatt a long time, having learnt to ride at my Mum’s riding school when I was still based at home and helping out in all of her spare time.   After school she went to Hartpury college to further her knowledge, spending half terms and holidays helping us out at Tattleton.  After college she worked here on and off and then in July 2016 she became my Yard Manager.  Quiet but determined, Charlotte has brought a ready smile to the team.

In 2017 Charlotte played a key part working aside Marcelle at the big events, as well as running the yard whilst we were away.

Becky Smilie 

Becky Smilie

Becky joined us in 2014 and is a total trooper.  She keeps on going no matter what and always has a smile on her face (except when it’s raining!!).  She is excellent either as a travelling groom or when left at home to keep things ticking over.  A great team member.

Becky has Billy On Air on loan from Ann Black, and is hoping to do her first season of eventing in 2017.


Jess C


Jess Copsey

Jess came to us towards the end of 2016 having been very busy studying at college and working 3 part time jobs.  She instantly fitted in really well, she has been competing some of the young horses since joining team Tatt, which has really built her confidence as well as competing her own lovely mare.





Hannah Lavender
Leo and Hannah joined team Tatt back in June 2017, having worked part time for a couple of years whilst studying for Hannah’s degree at Hartpury. Before moving to Tattleton the pair mainly focused on showjumping and dressage. Throughout 2017 they gained a lot more experience out Eventing as a partnership and in 2018 they are hoping to become more consistent and improve their results at Novice level. We look forward to seeing how the pair get on this coming season!



2018-01-11-PHOTO-00000037Anna Jones

Anna finished herA levels inJune 2017 and did some cover work at a livery yard over the summer. She started doing a little bit of pony Club eventing for fun when she was 12 years old but it has since become Anna’s passion in more recent years. She has now done two seasons of affiliated eventing at BE100 with her 11 year old ISH Percy, who she’s owned for 2 years. Anna hopes to continue eventing and step it up to Novice with Percy in 2018. Let’s hope all the winter training gets put into practice!


Cat Dalton2018-01-11-PHOTO-00000034

Cat and her horse Max joined Team Tatt in November 2017. She is really enjoying working with horses since finishing her A level’s and hopes that this will further her experience by working on a professional competition yard. So far Max and Cat have enjoyed competing in some BD competitions and unaffiliated jumping… they are really looking forward to taking part in their first events this season. Wishing them the best of luck!