Things are on the up!

Things have most definitely improved since my last blog! In life there is always huge perspective and there is always someone worse off than you. It’s important to keep going, whatever happens and be grateful for what you have and who you have around you. I’m very lucky to have such an incredible team of people behind me that no matter the good, bad, ugly or amazing they are always there.

You will all be pleased to hear that injured ponies are having a huge amount of TLC and love: Billy Shania is in Foal! Eeekkkk it’s going to be sooooo pretty! And Pamero is a very happy, contented boy and will be back on the road for next season.

The last few weeks have been cool! Bramham.... I found my form, Quicklook (Pebbles) was total class in the 4*S to finish on her leading dressage score of 21.8. 👌 feels so good to have her back.

Jalapeño and Chilli Knight in the 4*L were just absolutely brilliant, Jala finishing 2nd and Alfie 6th - so pleased with these brilliant Chilli Morning Babies and excited for their future.

A lovely phone call came next from our team Manager Dickie Waygood to tell me I had been long-listed for the Europeans this year: honestly I wasn’t expecting it! Both special boy Spike (Arctic Soul) and the newbee Jalapeño. 💙💗 Massive thanks to their supportive owners for giving me these opportunities.

Next stop was Arville in Belgium 🇧🇪, Pebbles in the ERM (best thing about Eventing!!!) and the amazing Kizzy (Santiago Bay) in the 4*S, hot from WINNING the Eventing GP at Bolesworth! Now that was a FUN evening, zooming around on this little mare! At Arville, Pebbles led the dressage and SJ but unfortunately, for whatever reason, she just wasn’t quite with me on the xc and we kind of cantered into/past the corner at fence 5 – oooppsss! No excuses; s**t happens, that’s horses, safe for another day and a little xc school! Kizzy Whizz (as we call her) saved the day with the most impeccable double clear in the ‘non ERM’ 4*S, to WIN!! I’m very happy that she’s making a habit of these first placings!! Thank you to her owner Caroline Teltsch: we always say that her and Kizzy are exactly the same!! 🤣 #Bonkersbutawesome

While we were in Arville, Nicola Wilson had her fall, a stiff reminder how quickly it can go wrong again. Mother Tatt drove Nicola’s truck and horses back to Tattleton and they went on home from there. We were just so happy to be able to help. Thank God the news came in that Nicola is going to be absolutely fine - just some forced rest and TLC needed for her. This means I got the call up for Aachen, of course very happy to go but most definitely not for this reason. This is the sport and let’s try and make team Wilson proud.

I am writing this blog on the way home from a great day at World Class training, including a xc school with princess Pebbles!! (We jumped a skinny in the water!! 😂) 🦄 I’ve got my SJ hat on this weekend, then off to Jardy and Aachen! Busy, but looking forward to it.

Gem x